Oklahoma Family Resource Coalition

The Oklahoma Family Resource Coalition is a membership organization that is made up of individuals who believe that families are the primary influence in the lives of children. The mission of the Oklahoma Family Resource Coalition is to support resources within our communities that build on family strengths to ensure the best possible outcome for Oklahoma families.  This alliance of committed individuals, both professional and non-professional, share their knowledge and expertise with one another in order to address issues affecting families in Oklahoma. By joining forces, they are able to increase their own ability to produce resources, build networks, and gather knowledge to help parents in the important job of rearing their children.

The Oklahoma Family Resource Coalition was formed in 1991 and became a non-profit, incorporated entity in 1992. The membership represents a broad spectrum of state-wide services, ethnicity, and occupation. A 30 member board is elected to provide direction for the membership.

Higher Education Curricula

OFRC works to impact college and university curricula in the fields of child and family studies. The majority of the state's higher educational institutions are represented through membership in our organization and faculty members serve as active board members. As a result, we have seen an increase in the number and variety of courses offered to students interested in becoming parent educators.


While we are not an advocacy group, OFRC attempts to keep our members informed about legislative issues that may impact families in Oklahoma. We do not hire a lobbyist but depend on members to use their expertise and knowledge when contacting their legislators about pending legislation. As a benefit to OFRC membership, we provide each member the Children Information Network (CIN), information about current legislation related to children.

OICA Guiding Principles

Click on this link for the OICA guiding principles for legislators to consider as they make budget decisions that affect children and families. www.oica.org/policy

Membership and Certification Renewal

It is time to renew your OFRC Membership.

If you are renewing your Certification, you need to submit the CEU's with your renewal. Please include the CEU report form since that is the only way I have of connecting your CEU's with you.

Your renewal can be done by printing out the forms above
and mailing them to:
OFRC, 6520 E. 24th St., Tulsa, Oklahoma 74129
or you can go to the Membership Tab for Membership only renewals, or for Certification and Membership renewal, go to the Certification tab.

Below is also a link to the Alternatives to Workshops and Conferences as well as the Renewal form, CEU Report form and CEU record sheet.

Forms for printing and mailing are below:

Membership Renewal Form (pdf)
CEU Record Sheet (pdf)
CEU Report Form Letter (pdf)

Organizational Membership Form